Castle’s Performance


Duration: 1 Hour

Groups of 4-8 Athletes

This Program will focus on Enhancing the Performance of youth athletes while reducing the risk of injury through a combination of Skill-based activities as well as Movement and Strength and Conditioning activities.  The group will start together as a unit going through myofascial release techniques when applicable, active isolated stretching as well as dynamic warmups aimed at preparing their bodies for activity while improving movement through enhanced motor learning.  After the initial 10 minutes, the group will split in half, grouped by skill level, with half working with Coach Castle on Pitching skills and mechanics, while the other half works with Coach Barry on Performance Enhancement Training.  After 25 minutes the groups will switch, moving to work with the other coach.

10 minutes: Full Group

  1. SMR (Foam Rolling, Trigger Point Release)
  2. Active Isolated Stretching
  3. Dynamic Warmup

25 Minutes (Half of Group) with Coach Castle:

  1. Pitching Skills

25 Minutes (Half of Group) with Coach Barry

  1. Core Work
  2. SAQ
  3. Movement specific work
  4. Functional Movement Training

These are 6 week sessions and will Cost $150.00 per player ($25.00 per session)

If you are interested please contact Kristin directly at or